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GOE;SS is now on Twitter!

GOE;SS is now on

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GOE;SS is also on LiveJournal!

GOE;SS is also on

Just plugging this in (: Please join and watch the comm if you haven't done so yet :D

GOE;SS is hiring!

Hi everyone! GOE;SS is currently in need of more Korean and Japanese translators ^^; Majority of our translators are busy with exams at the moment and we definitely need more help~ The boys are busy with their tour, so they wouldn't be on many TV programs, right? :P We would like to take advantage of that and work on all the clips / videos that still need to be subbed :D ♥

If you would like to join the squad temporarily (just to offer us assistance during this period), then that's fine (: Anyone's help would be greatly appreciated! Just head over to the Dream Team section of the staff forum to apply. Thank you very much!


GOE;SS.dw is under construction. Ugh, I fail with layouts and html *dies*

Happy 2nd Anniversary, GOE;SS! 2009.04.17

Hello everyone,

We have created this video to celebrate our 2nd anniversary, last 17th of April.
We offer this to all of you who have been constantly supporting our team ever since we started.
Thank you, thank you, thank you very much for being with us these past two years.
We hope that you guys will never get tired of supporting our team because we will never get tired of being of-service to all of you.

Again, thank you very much and let's have more GOE;SS years to come! ^^

Video Credits: r3dc1nc1n, zhuuzhuusoba, Heroprincess, viruslove_dbsg, badstar